Communications Lead Africa at Heifer International

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Communications Lead Africa


Ensure the implementation of Heifer’s PR/Brand Strategy for Africa (40%)

  • Custodian and gatekeeper of corporate narrative/DNA.
  • Ensure adoption of all aspects of approved PR/Brand DNA in all content –documents, presentations, brochures, adverts, and speeches.
  • Ensure that corporate narrative is deeply entrenched in all internal and external communication and visual expression.
  • Ensure that corporate narrative is deeply entrenched in all internal and external communication and visual expression.
  • Direct Heifer Africa brand positioning business wide through cross functional and cross-team co-ordination and cooperation.
  • Serve as a champion for internal PR/corporate narrative.
  • Influence the tone, look, and feel of shared media platforms with close coordination with the Global Communications Team.
  • Receive strategic direction and manage relationships/information flow with retained PR consultants.
  • Provide feedback and observations towards refining or re-thinking strategies.

Position Heifer appropriately in the public domain. (20%)

  • Key media interface.
  • Key event organizer.
  • Identifies suitable positioning opportunities.
  • Mitigates reputation risk.
  • Ensure top of the mind awareness for Heifer and achieve the highest visibility in
  • the development sector in key media, by ensuring 80% positive media mention.
  • Position Heifer for thought leadership through visible collaboration and participation across Africa.
  • Identify suitable programs, events and initiatives for media leveraging and positioning.
  • Assist with developing the business case for Heifer and ensure visibility with key
  • business media, government and the local donor community.
  • Ghosts write opinion pieces positioning Heifer Africa experts as thought leaders.

Responsible for Heifer Africa content development – content, look and feel across all media and engagements (20%)

  • Assist with development of speeches/presentations/brochures/
  • infomercials/ short clip videos.
  • Assist with responses to media enquiries.
  • Manages all executive external and internal communication.
  • Provide high quality, consistent program and thematic content based on approved communication and brand DNA in multiple media channels including press, web, and social media.
  • Ensures that content, look and feel positions Africa as aspirational and Heifer as:
  • A partner in progress – an organization that prioritizes Africa because of the abundant opportunities in Africa.
  • An organization that desires local collaboration with farmers, government, local donors, and international community.
  • Competing for big ticket funds.
  • Implementing signature projects which enhance local food securityand know Africans can help themselves.
  • Interested in climate change impact and issues of water in the Sahel region.
  • Deep understanding of Africa after 45 years.
  • Collaborate with Global Communications Team on production of high-quality audiovisual context.

Coordinates interaction with critical stakeholders (15%)

  • Assist executive management to prioritize and manage engagement with critical stakeholders in media, donor
  • community, partnerships, government, and regulators.
  • Co-ordinates critical stakeholder management.
  • Assists corporate spokesperson(s).
  • Minimize friction with critical stakeholders.
  • Scans the environment from time to time and identifies future or perceived challenges for Heifer.
  • Develop critical stakeholder matrix and expectation management document to be revised from time to time (as needed).
  • Develop reputation risk register – identify key reputation risk and advice executive management how to mitigate the same.
  • Work with retained consultants and Global Communications Team to implement crisis management document scenario planning and shelf ready responses.
  • Develop quarterly schedule of interactions between identified critical stakeholders and executive management.

May perform other job-related duties as assigned (5%)

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, humanities, or related degree plus a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in a reputable PR/Brand consulting firm, PR, or Corporate Communications at a large corporate organization preferably multi-national. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Preferred Requirements

  • Master’s degree in social sciences, humanities, or related degree, plus three (3) years’ experience in a reputable PR/Brand consulting firm, PR, or Corporate Communications at a large corporate organization preferably multi-national. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Most Critical Proficiencies

  • Knowledge of public relations work applied across all forms of media.
  • Strong writing, editing and presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills of building networks, partners and
  • collaborations for media and positioning.
  • Negotiation skills including ability to listen and persuade.
  • Work with a global mindset preferably with demonstrated experience in working
  • at local, and global levels.
  • Demonstrated experience of working with diverse cultural groups, and gender
  • equity approach.
  • Experience in taking complex ideas and capturing in accessible ways and
  • multiple formats – briefing papers, positioning pieces, publications, press
  • releases, and social media.
  • Experienced in identifying and managing sensitive media issues and crisis
  • Ability to collaborate and build positive working relationships with multiple internal and external partners. 
  • Experience with the design and implementation of results-oriented
  • communication strategies.
  • Demonstrated experience managing and/or facilitating events, small convenings,
  • and forums of experts preferred.

Essential Job Functions and Physical Demands

  • Ability to inspire and support the team and give expression to Heifer’s mission
  • through word, media, and public relations activities.
  • Constant face-to-face, telephone and electronic communication with
  • colleagues and the public.
  • Ability to confidently give oral presentations and impromptu speeches to a
  • wide range of audiences.
  • May require constant sitting and moving, working at a computer for extended
  • periods of time, as well as occasional bending and lifting.
  • Ability to effectively plan, prepare, and present material and speeches for
  • publication that conform to prescribed style and format.
  • Outstanding English writing skills and oral communication skills are essential.
  • Willingness and ability to travel as needed.
  • Willingness and ability to work outside of normal business hours.
  • Ability to work with sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.