Gender and Inclusion Expert in Development of SOSCV Kenya Gender Policy

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Gender and Inclusion Expert in Development of SOSCV Kenya Gender Policy

About SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages Kenya is a locally rooted, independent non-governmental social development organization affiliated to SOS Children’s Villages International, working in the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

SOS CV Kenya is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, working closely with line Ministries in the Government of the Republic of Kenya and the SOS CV International East Africa Regional Office.

SOS Children’s Villages Kenya mission is to build families for children in need, help them shape their future and share in the development of their communities.

The Vision of the organization is that “every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security”.

Gender and development – Kenya’s context and the proposed assignment

Kenya has made significant strides in advancing gender equity, equality and social inclusion especially in developing national laws and policies in relation to gender.

These include the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, Article 23; National Gender and Equality Commission Act, No. 15 of 2011, Section 8; the Prohibition of FGM Act, 2011; Prevention against Domestic Violence Act, 2015; the Sexual Offenses Act (2006); and the Persons with Disabilities Act (2013).

In addition, the Government established the National Gender Equality Commission (NGEC) through the enactment of the National Gender and Equality Commission Act (2011) pursuant to Article 59 (4) of the Constitution of Kenya. NGEC focuses on Special Interest Groups, which include women, youth, persons with disabilities (PWDs), children, the older members of society, minorities and marginalized groups.

By virtue of its work and mandate, SOS CV Kenya intends to mainstream gender and social inclusion in its operations, programmes, processes and other spheres.

This will be done through the development and implementation of a Gender Policy for the MA, followed by capacity building of the National Management Team, Board of Directors and Programme location teams on its provisions to enable them spearhead mainstreaming of gender across the MA.

In this regard, the MA intends to recruit a consultant to conduct a gender and inclusion audit and develop a Gender Policy to guide the MA in addressing identified gaps through gender mainstreaming.

Full RFP Package Available from 19th October 2022

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Deadline for submission of proposal : 2nd November 2022 1600 hrs EAT

The submission of duly stamped and signed proposal should be done electronically in a single PDF format and sent to the email with the subject line Proposal for Gender Inclusion Expert in Development of SOSCV Kenya Gender Policy

SOS CV KENYA reserves the right to accept or reject any offers

Walter S. Odhiambo

National Director
SOS Children’s Villages Kenya