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Hiring: Recruitment Openings at Koko Networks

Hiring: Recruitment Openings at Koko Networks,

Hiring: Recruitment Openings at Koko Networks

Jobs at Koko Networks

This company was formerly known as SmartCook Energy. Last-mile energy networks for Africa’s cities. Smarter commerce for urban Africa. Unique rich media delivery platforms. Our mission is to improve life for everyone in Africa’s cities.

Assembly Technician

Your Role

  • As an Assembly technician, you will be responsible for the assembly, installation, and repair/rework of KOKO Networks hardware, including KOKO point units, Smart Tanker System, and Smart Depot System for Nairobi and other Networks.

What you will do

  • Coordinate with the inventory and maintenance teams to ensure the timely execution of production activities
  • Planning and adherence to all production schedules and activities against set metrics
  • Ensure all assembled network hardware conforms to respective quality requirements
  • Report, document, keep track, and own activities by completing forms, sheets, logs, and records using provided tools
  • Ensure good work management of provided tasks to meet daily targets and maintain high-quality outputs
  • Interpreting drawings, training manuals, and work instructions in order to perform duties
  • Continuously identify needs for improvement by conveying it to the line manager and/or engineering team to maintain high-quality work standards
  • Maintain assigned tools and equipment in good operating condition by following operating instructions, troubleshooting malfunctions, and performing regular maintenance
  • Repair and rework of network defective parts from the field in defined frequency and manage critical parts
  • Collaborate with the engineering team and share assembly feedback and make adjustments where required through provided communication channels and tools
  • Maintain internal customer satisfaction through professional conduct and engagements
  • Ensure adherence to Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management System requirements

What you will bring to KOKO

  • 2+ years hands-on experience in production operations or a similar technical capacity
  • Minimum Diploma or Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, Instrumentation, or any other Engineering related discipline
  • Excellent analytical, and problem-solving skills, and attention to detail
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Organizational skills with the capability of working towards tight deadlines
  • A team player able to work effectively with others and independently with minimal supervision

Back End Engineer (SRE)

Your Role

  • As KOKO grows within and outside Kenya, our team is looking for experienced backend engineers to join the Site Reliability Engineering Team and contribute towards the development & scaling of our cloud-based software products, be responsible for technical decisions associated, and be accountable for their successful execution.
  • SREs build, run & manage large-scale, distributed, fault-tolerant systems. Additionally, they keep an ever-watchful eye on our system’s capacity and performance. Much of our software development focuses on optimizing existing systems, strengthening security, building infrastructure, and eliminating work through automation.
  • In this position, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to many external and internal facing products. KOKO’s suite of products spans multiple technical domains and disciplines in software and hardware, and so experience in end-to-end systems thinking across distributed components is key for this role.

What You Will Do

  • Actively contribute to building and deploying software applications to increase reliability and resiliency.
  • Help services go live and maintain in production by working with other Backend and DevOps engineers in the team
  • Work alongside other engineers on the team to elevate technology and consistently apply best practices.
  • Help others to improve the quality of their work through regular design and code reviews
  • Practice sustainable incident response and blameless postmortem.
  • You will be part of an on-call rotation consisting of SREs and Engineers but you are not required to solve every infrastructure problem.  Our entire engineering team practices a Dev-Ops culture and owns their respective services.
  • KOKO’s technology stack currently includes (but is not limited to) AWS, Python, Flask, Vue.js, Postgres, Kotlin, Java, Firebase, C++, Celery, Message Queues, Odoo ERP, Docker, Jenkins, CircleCI, Git

What you will bring to KOKO

  • At least two years of experience developing applications at enterprise scale using the front and back-end technologies in our stack
  • Ability to develop robust and scalable backend services defined by RESTful APIs in Python
  • Familiarity with Cloud/ SaaS architectures and how to build secure and maintainable services
  • Knowledge about CI/CD and Orchestration tools.
  • Strong understanding of unit testing, design patterns, and usage of tools like profilers
  • Experience with source control and continuous integration tools (We use GIT and Jenkins)
  • Worked in an Agile multi-functional team
  • Thrive in an environment that requires you to partner with multiple cross-functional teams as stakeholders/customers
  • Great oral and written communication skills

Field Maintenance Technician

Your Role

  • You will be responsible for maintenance activities of KOKO points, Smart Depot, and Smart Tanker units ensuring they run to their maximum efficiency and uptime.

What you will do

  • Perform routine unscheduled and scheduled maintenance.
  • Field testing of newly delivered features, upgrades and fixes to the Network.
  • Contribute in the setup of hardware and other systems and conduct repairs when necessary.
  • Conduct general upkeep procedures activities and other tasks as assigned by line manager.
  • Diagnose errors and resolve technical problems using a structured approach with a view to resolving incidents in a timely manner and prevent recurrence.
  • Document troubleshooting steps, workarounds and resolution details.
  • Make recommendations for product, Standard Operating procedures and process improvements.
  • Plan and prioritize field activities to ensure optimal use of resources and efficient operations.
  • Demonstrate accountability, care and responsibility for company resources, tools and equipment assigned to the team; maintaining them in good working condition.
  • Ensure adherence to Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management System requirements, as well as communicating any potential risks identified.

What You Will Bring to KOKO

  • A Degree/Diploma/Higher Diploma in Mechanical or Electrical engineering or a related discipline.
  • A minimum of 2 years experience in field operations or a similar technical capacity.
  • Ability to test, troubleshoot, service, and repair equipment.
  • Working knowledge of plumbing repairs, maintenance processes, methods and installation techniques
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and spoken technical English.
  • Organizational skills with the capability of working towards tight deadlines.
  • A team player able to work effectively with others and independently with minimal supervision.

Method of Application

Use the link(s) below to apply on company website.


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