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How To Access TSC TPay Portal And Download Or Print Your Latest Payslip 

TSC Tpay 2022/2023 Online Download Site for Latest Payslips

TPAY Update- This Is How To Know If Your HeadTeacher Has Approved Your TPAY Profile. By The 8th Of July, 2022

The acronym T-Pay stands for the popular Teachers online portal for viewing, downloading and printing the latest salary Payslips.

TSC Tpay Portal Table of Contents

1. T-PAY ID- this enables the system to positively recognize a teacher as an employee of the Teachers Service Commission-Kenya. The T-Pay ID is the teachers’  TSC number.

2. Verified Tab- It shows that the teacher who has logged onto the system successfully completed the process of activating his or her email and further verified their details.

3. Menu Tab-A click on this tab will automatically lead you to a drop-down list containing the following:


View Payslips

View P9(S)

Send Payslip(s)

My Transactions

My Documents

Logout Option

This portal is a necessary ingredient for any teacher wishing to critically analyze the breakdown of his or her gross salary. The portal also gives the teacher the ability to conduct third party transactions online such as sending Payslips, P9 forms for KRA returns, adjusting shares etc.

The TSC Tpay online portal is easily accessible from any browser be it Mozilla, Opera Mini or Google Chrome.

To access the Tpay System Online, click on the following tab;

List of Items on the Tpay System

The TSC Tpay System comprises the following crucial details 

The teacher’s Salutation/ Title such as Mr, Mrs, Ms

The teacher’s TSC Number

The teacher’s Surname for instance Ombeta

The teacher’s ID-Number as provided in the national identity card

The teacher’s first name for example Angela

KRA Tax Pin for remitting KRA tax-PAYE, Pay As You Earn

The teacher’s other names

The teacher’s Date of Birth

The teacher’s Gender

The teacher’s Marital status

The teacher’s Children

The teacher’s Home County

The teacher’s Ethnicity

The teacher’s Phone number

The teacher’s Special Need

The teacher’s Religion

The teacher’s Email Address

How to Access the TSC T-pay Portal and Download or Print your Latest Payslip 

T-Pay Payslips

The Teachers Service Commission usually provides all Teachers’ Payslips for every month at the Tpay Portal after payment of monthly Salaries. The payslip contains a TSC teachers’ basic salary which varies depending on the T-Scale of the respective teacher(s), rental house allowance, commuter allowance and responsibility allowance which is a special preserve for school administrators.

It also enumerates the mandatory deductions automated for TSC employed teachers that encompass  Provident fund deductions for a teacher’s pension, Union dues, NHIF and PAYE.

To access your T-Pay pay slip copy;

1.Open your browser for instance Mozilla, Google Chrome, or Opera Mini

2. Search for the authentic TSC Tpay portal by typing the Key words T-Pay or TSC-Tpay. You can alternatively click Here to quickly access the T-Pay System Online.

3. Enter your login credentials that encompass your Username (the teacher’s TSC Number), Password and Security Stamp to confirm that you are not a robot.

4. Confirm your login credentials then hit the login button that is highlighted using colour blue to ensure that it doesn’t elude you.

T-Pay Validation

Due to the rising cases of theft and impersonation on the Tpay portal, the Teachers Service Commission initiated a two step Tpay verification process in 2022 to safeguard Teachers’ Payslips and other confidential data.

In case you have not verified your Tpay details, click Here to validate them.

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