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How You Can Use LinkedIn To Find Opportunities

How You Can Use LinkedIn To Find Opportunities,

How You Can Use LinkedIn To Find Opportunities

Here’s how to get a job from LinkedIn with simple profile tweaks, through connections and groups, by reading content, and more.

  • LinkedIn job seekers more often succeed when they make several adjustments to their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Job seekers can also improve their odds by following companies, joining LinkedIn groups, making connections and reading relevant content.
  • Other viable LinkedIn job-hunting tactics include using the job search tool, setting job alerts, and displaying that you’re open to new work.
  • This article is for job seekers looking to more effectively use LinkedIn for job prospecting.

The tips gleaned from the survey pertain primarily to LinkedIn profiles and communities. They don’t address LinkedIn’s job-searching tools and other methods for connecting to new opportunities.

Here are some tips for using LinkedIn to search for new jobs – and, hopefully, get them.

  • Use the Jobs tool. When you log in to LinkedIn, you’ll see the Jobs icon at the top of your homepage. Click this icon, then enter company names or job titles that interest you in the search bar at the top. Enter a location, then press “search.” You’ll see several jobs relevant to your search with posting dates and, in some cases, salaries. It also shows whether alumni of your university or any of your connections work at these companies.
  • Set up Jobs alerts. With Jobs alerts, you can be the first to hear about opportunities that match your ideal criteria. This way, you don’t have to manually log in to LinkedIn every day to conduct job searches; you’ll have great opportunities delivered right to your inbox.
  • Show you’re open to work. Sometimes, on LinkedIn, opportunities can find you. Enable the #OpenToWork tool on your profile to show recruiters that you’re looking for work. If you’ve prepared your profile properly as described above, you might never have to conduct another job search again.

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