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Job Openings at Deloitte Consulting

Job Openings at Deloitte Consulting,

Job Openings at Deloitte Consulting

Jobs in Consulting / Jobs at Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte Consulting is a leading provider of innovative development solutions to U.S. and international donors, foundations, governments, and Fortune 500 companies. With member firm presence in more than 150 countries, we bring the power of a global firm and leverage our immense technical expertise and firm capabilities to bring integrated approaches to US

Project Director for Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS)

The Board of Directors is seeking to recruit a suitable self-driven, results-oriented, and visionary Project Director with good professional and ethical standing to head the Project. The Project Director serves as a liaison and point of contact for USAID on matters related to overall program management. The Project Director will have regular contact with the Contracting Officer’s Representative and Contracting Officer and will have overall responsibility for program leadership.


Key Responsibilities

  • Provide overall strategic leadership and oversight for the program;
  • Serve as a liaison and point of contact for USAID on matters related to program management;
  • Inform USAID about contract activities, progress against objectives, and issues that arise in contract implementation;
  • Cultivate and nurture strong and positive working relationships with stakeholders including USAID, Ministry of Health, KEMSA, County Government Health Officials, and Health Facilities;
  • Develop and implement annual work plans and budgets that reflect the priorities of USAID and other stakeholders;
  • Develop and nurture a dynamic and competent workforce for the project through a robust performance-driven culture;
  • Ensure efficient and effective performance management for the achievement of project objectives;
  • Prepare project budgets for resource allocation and approve expenditure for control and accountability;
  • Oversee regular data collection and reporting and lead periodic reviews of performance analysis to identify issues and drive evidence-based interventions; and
  • Report results of the projects’ work to Management, USAID, and other stakeholders.


  • A Master’s degree or higher in Supply Chain or a related field;
  • A minimum of twelve (12) years of experience managing complex programs of similar size, scope, and complexity; or at least ten (10) years demonstrated senior management level experience overseeing supply chain management;
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in developing activity work plans, budgets, and managing implementation;
  • Experience and demonstrated capacity to liaise and negotiate with key stakeholders at senior levels of US Government, Government of Kenya, and other organizations;
  • Proven success in leading a Supply Chain Planning and Execution team to best-in-class performance;
  • Knowledge of ERP systems, purchasing, receiving, warehousing, storage, and transportation activities;
  • Experience in US Government (USG) funded programs and knowledge of USG funding compliance regulations;
  • Excellent managerial and operational experience, preferably in managing large logistics projects involving coordination with multiple partners or institutions in Kenya or the region and in managing donor projects;
  • Extensive experience in the private sector and public-private partnerships in health matters in Kenya with a preference for USAID-related activities;
  • Experience working with/for commercial private sector supply chain companies is highly desirable;
  • Demonstrated team player with visionary leadership and demonstration of professional accomplishments;
  • Strong quantitative skills, including data analysis and statistical interpretation;
  • Excellent presentational and communication skills, written and oral proficiency in English; and
  • Excellent past performance references.

Head of Country Business

Reporting directly to the Director General, the successful candidate will be charged with overall responsibility for overseeing all the Bank’s operational activities in the host country, including, strategic direction and leadership, business development, business relationships, risk management, business operations, and research and development. The Head of Country Business must have a high commitment to the Bank’s mandate, and institutional goals. He/she will have the strategic vision and technical skills necessary to respond to the dynamic environment in the particular country and in East Africa.


Key Responsibilities

Strategic Direction and Leadership

  • Role model strategic leadership to the country office team, coordinate strategic activities, set targets and KPIs, monitor, and track the progress of overall department performance against the regional strategy and business plan;
  • Lead the development of the department, its services, systems, people, internal operating environment, culture, values, reputation, and resources to assure alignment with the overall intent;
  • Oversee the developmental, economic, and social justification, strategic relevance, sustainability, design, delivery, and quality of the Bank’s lending operations in the country;
  • Develop and maintain sound relationships between the Bank and the host country to ensure that the Bank is well informed about the country’s strategic priorities;
  • Provide technical guidance to the Country Office Team in project evaluation, credit management and risk assessment;
  • Demonstrate and drive responsiveness, decisiveness, and speed to support the needs of the Bank in a rapidly changing sector;
  • Implement information and communication strategies to increase the EADB’s visibility and position it as the regional bank of choice in development banking;
  • Ensure the effective development of leadership capacity and capability amongst leaders;
  • Supervise, coach, and mentor the staff in the Country Office and build a highly skilled and motivated team to deliver the country office’s performance targets;
  • Role model performance appraisals and feedback sessions for designated leaders; and
  • Build a culture throughout the department of continuous improvement in which teams are cognisant of and influence the broader learning agenda alongside delivery objectives

Business Development

  • Prepare and execute business development strategies and actively promote Bank’s products to all potential clients (local enterprises, financial institutions, utilities, and central and regional governments);
  • Identify new projects suitable for financing by the Bank;
  • Initiate and conduct general identification missions and prepare a pipeline of viable projects, programs, and pre-investment studies;
  • Review and approve projects, project documentation, and disbursements in the country prior to submission to the Bank’s headquarters;
  • Carry out thorough due diligence and inter-departmental consultation prior to submission of proposals to headquarters; and
  • Initiate, manage, and review the disbursement of funds to approved projects in accordance with the Bank’s policies and procedures.

Strategic Business Relationships

  • Proactively identify potential investment partners and opportunities based on financial capability, development, and economic impact;
  • Involve beneficiaries and stakeholders in all stages of the project cycle to enhance collective ownership and commitment;
  • Maintain liaison with regional institutions based in the country, monitor developments in regional economic integration, and develop suitable assistance for such initiatives;
  • Interface and establish close working relationships with other financial institutions and development banks in the country to develop partnerships for joint lending operations; and
  • Build and maintain client relations by attending to inquiries, resolving queries and providing relevant information

Risk Management

  • Carry out thorough risk assessments and ensure that all risks associated with the Bank’s new lending, equity, and other products are clearly identified and where such risks are acceptable, appropriate mitigation measures are instituted; and
  • Ascertain and protect the special privileges, exemptions, and immunities of the Bank, its personnel, premises, records, and facilities; and represent the Bank in a diplomatic capacity.

Business Operations

  • Provide input to the annual portfolio performance review; evaluate the quality and volume of operations entering the portfolio and ensure the timely monitoring and supervision of projects in the country’s portfolio;
  • Formulate and propose new approaches, products strategies, policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards for the Bank’s intervention to the Head of Business Development;
  • Oversee the general management and administration of the Country Office; ensure the security and safety of the Banks personnel and premises; take charge of and account for the Bank’s assets and all other resources in the country office; and
  • Prepare and submit weekly, monthly, and quarterly business and administration reports.

Research and Development

  • Conduct industry and market research and provide relevant input for country/ sector briefs and strategy papers; undertake research, analyse industry trends, remain current regarding changing business and market environments, and provide advisory services and technical assistance related to economic policy issues, governance, and poverty eradication in the host country.

Personal Specifications


  • First degree in Commerce, Civil Engineering, Banking, Finance, Law, Business Administration, or other business-related degrees on a full-time programme from a recognized university;
  • A Master’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, Law, Development Studies, Civil Engineering or any business-related field from a recognized university; and
  • Professional qualifications in a related field (e.g. CFA, ACCA, CPA, ACIB).


  • High-level practical banking skills, proficient technical skills, and demonstrable first-hand experience in origination, structuring, and monitoring of projects;
  • Proven managerial, administrative, marketing, and public relations skills and the ability to offer support and guidance to the Bank’s existing and potential clients;
  • Self-motivated, flexible, mature, and articulate in speech and presentation;
  • Excellent analytical skills, problem identification, and solving skills;
  • Superior negotiation skills with the ability to interact with and influence high-level decision-makers;
  • Strong networking skills and the ability to increase the EADB’s visibility and positioning and influence at high socio-political levels;
  • Advanced written communication skills including high-level skills in writing proposals, reports, and research papers; and
  • Fluent in English and working knowledge of Kiswahili.


  • Have a deep knowledge and 10 years and above practical experience in investment and financial analysis of long-term projects and a strong credit background;
  • Regional knowledge;
  • Knowledge and technical expertise in development financing;
  • Command of standard computer software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); and
  • Knowledge of EADB products and services.


  • A minimum of ten (10) years of experience in project cycle management with specific competencies in project appraisal and supervision in a commercial, merchant, or development banking environment;
  • A minimum of five (5) years of experience in a senior management role in a major banking institution ;
  • Experience of three (3) years of proven successful project management;
  • Experience with PPPs and PFIs;
  • Experience in banking products and design and development of new products;
  • Experience and familiarity with structuring and negotiating documentation for complex projects, such documents include investment agreements and security documentation for, but not limited to, secured; and
  • cross border lending transactions, (Project Finance, Asset Finance, Structured Finance, PPP/PPI, BOT or Concession Financing and/ or cross border capital market or corporate finance transactions (bonds, IPOs, or privatizations).


  • Has a customer focused orientation to others, is flexible, and always puts the customer at the centre of decision-making. Is dedicated to fulfilling the Bank’s mission;
  • Communicates clearly, expresses ideas in simple terms, listens to the views of others, and changes tone and style to match the needs of the people listening;
  • Builds and maintains constructive and effective relationships with stakeholders with a specific focus on the Bank’s mission of providing support and advice;
  • Is responsive to new product and technology innovations, and adaptable to systems and process improvements
  • Open to change and adapts established methods for new uses; and
  • Is a supportive team player of others’ ideas and innovations, collaborates in a culture of knowledge sharing and team learning to strengthen business performance.


  • Demonstrates impeccable integrity, is fair, honest, and trustworthy with respect for confidentiality;
  • Accountable for abiding by the code of conduct; and
  • Has purpose to be self-motivated and to drive business results, quick to find meaning for being flexible for client and business needs.

Leadership Behaviours ·

  • Challenges conventional thinking, has strategic foresight, analyses and synthesizes, and provides strong foundations for strategic planning;
  • Agility in understanding and dealing with business situations. Has the acumen to facilitate good business outcomes from well-developed decision making, promotes performance shift and results;
  • Has diplomacy, balances business situations and the art of dealing with people, keeps good relations with and between stakeholders, including a variety of internal and external players;
  • Creates novel innovations and solutions, is focused on creating new and improved systems and processes, leads capability in new technology, creates and leads the organisation with new products and processes; and
  • Is proactive in teamwork and leading teams, and has the capacity to transform continuous business learning to facilitate EADB’s mission of being the client’s partner of choice.

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