Job Opportunities at DorbeLeit Consulting

Job Opportunities at DorbeLeit Consulting,

Job Opportunities at DorbeLeit Consulting

Jobs in Consulting, Jobs at Dorbe-Leit Solutions Limited

Dorbe-Leit Consulting Limited is a consulting practice providing transformational human resource management based services. We become involved with our clients in their transformation, providing services that are value-adding and measurable in their contribution to our clients’ success. Catapulting your business to success is our purpose.


Our client is who is in a hotel Industry is looking for a storekeeper to work in the Hotel.

On behalf of the client, We are looking for an agile & seasoned storekeeper who is confident, reliable, organized & resourceful with the desire to grow and improve the company.  If so, then this is the job you are looking for.

Our client would like to fill the position of a Storekeeper.

Job Description

The storekeeper will be responsible for receiving, storing and issuing supplies and equipment for the day to day hotel operations. Work closely with purchasing department, ensure cleanliness of all work areas, keeping storage and receiving areas clean and tidy at all times.

He/she also verifies that all supplies and goods received are listed on requisitions/orders and the delivery challans, invoices are checked and filed in the appropriate folder. Maintains par stock, inventory and stock records every month and compiles records of expenditures/consumptions etc.

Duties and Responsibility

  1. Receive and forward all goods and deliveries in and out of the hotel to the correct point of contact/storage area.
  2. Able to follow standards for issuing and receiving stock within the store’s area of operation.
  3. Monitor and take inventory on regular basis to compile orders based on par levels or needs.
  4. Maintain clear and organized records to ensure all reports and invoices are filed and stored properly.
  5. Responsible for storage of both food & beverage and operational stock.
  6. Responsible for the day-to-day check on the storage facilities for upkeep and hygiene.
  7. Responsible to verify all goods arrived as per the agreed purchase, delivery note and agreed quantity has been received.
  8. Conduct inventory audits to determine inventory levels and needs.
  9. Conduct physical stock audits on a regular basis as advised by the Financial Controller (FC) and the physical count to be tallied with the inventory count from the MMS – Material Management System.
  10. Any differences between the manual count and MMS software have to be investigated and the information to be given to the Finance Department.
  11. Assist the Accounts Payable Clerk / payable assistant in finding out any cost discrepancies.
  12. Complete requisition forms for inventory and supplies.
  13. Extend all requisitions on a daily basis and update the inventory management software/system.


  1. Relevant diploma or degree in Management/Finance or related business discipline. Able to work with MS Office suite.
  2. Previous store management experience with stock control responsibility.
  3. Experience of at least two years in a similar position in the full service hotel or hospitality industry.
  4. Positive attitude and good communication skills.
  5. Flexibility to respond to a range of different work situations.
  6. Ability to work on your own or as part of a team.
  7. Have a good eye for detail.
  8. Must have basic computer skills for the day to day operation.

Night Auditor

Our client is who is in a hotel Industry is looking for a Night Auditor to work in the Hotel.

Job Description

The Night Auditor works together with the cashier during the night, and they must ensure that the quality and integrity of the establishment are maintained just as diligently as they are during the day.

The Auditor will work closely with hotel managers to ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded and accounted for in accordance with the hotel regularities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Perform night audit of hotel and outlet for revenue as per existing procedures.
  2. Prepare pre post room revenue report audit and assess adjustment after revenue posting.
  3. Perform daily audit of housekeeping report and study night performance  reports to ensure accuracy.
  4. Administer and compile daily Restaurant Revenue Report data and perform audit
  5. Monitor audit journals and reports from front office computer system and point of service.
  6. Perform adjustments and corrections and rectify all computer problems that occur during night shifts.
  7. Operate front office operating system to generate revenue or allowances and or expenses reports in the form of the Guest Ledger Summary and the Daily Restaurant Summary.
  8. Prepare daily balance sheet of all revenue and settlement accounts every night and file up details for reference.
  9. Administer and reset accounting system for all new operations.
  10. Manage Payroll, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable for accountability and transparency for all audits.
  11. Identify and resolve all guest complaints and problems to facilitate maximum comfort for guests.
  12. Ensure proper maintenance of credit and accounting procedures.
  13. Develop and implement new methods to streamline and optimize operations.


  • Strong customer service skills
  • Should have more than three years experience in related job or similar field, such as hospitality, customer service or retail positions.
  • Knowledge of safety and security procedures
  • Advanced math and bookkeeping skills
  • Ability to perform computer-based tasks such as data entry, accounting, word processing, invoicing and billing
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Time management and multitasking skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to solve problems and diffuse tense situations

Food and Beverage Manager

Our client is who is in a hotel Industry is looking for a seasoned Food and Beverage Manager to work in the Hotel.

On behalf of our client in the industry. We are looking for an ambitious and hardworking Food and Beverage Manager to join the team! In this position, you will take a lead in forecasting, planning and controlling the ordering of food and beverages for the hotel. You will also be expected to lead your team by an example.

Job Description

The successful candidate will be able to forecast, plan and manage all F&B orders, staff and finance. The mission and  goal of the Manager is to maximize sales and revenue through customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Organize, direct and evaluate food and beverage service
  • Shift scheduling
  • Performance management; monitor staff performance and provide feedback
  • Purchase and control of inventory
  • Monitor revenues and expenses
  • Ensure practice of heath and safety regulations
  • Negotiate supplier arrangements for food and beverage products
  • Negotiate with clients for use of facilities for catering, parties, banquets, etc.
  • Preserve excellent levels of internal and external customer service
  • Design exceptional menus, purchase goods and continuously make necessary improvements.
  • Manage all F&B and day-to-day operations within budgeted guidelines and to the highest standards


  • Diploma or degree in business management or tourism related field would be an asset
  • Proven food and beverage management experience
  • Working knowledge of various computer software programs (MS Office, restaurant management software, POS)
  • Ability to spot and resolve problems efficiently
  • Mastery in delegating multiple tasks
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Up to date with food and beverages trends and best practices
  • Ability to manage personnel and meet financial targets
  • Guest-oriented and service-minded
  • Culinary school diploma or degree in food service management or related field
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good organizational skills
  • Inventory management

How to apply

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