Jobs Openings at The Coca-Cola Company

Jobs Openings at The Coca-Cola Company,

Jobs Openings at The Coca-Cola Company

Jobs in Manufacturing / Production / FMCG, Jobs at The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company, which is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is an American multinational beverage corporation, and manufacturer, retailer, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.

HR Coordinator, Kenya

What You Will Do For Us

  • Education and Support for Employees: Educate associates on the People Services operation model to ensure that they are confident in using the HR tools and processes.
  • Employee Records Management: Employee personnel files and records management and administration for the operating unit, to meet statutory requirements for government inspection and audits. Create and archive HR files in accordance with legal regulations, and ensure a classification and identification process for access for auditing purposes as needed
  • Wet Signatures: Coordinate getting wet and digital (when appropriate) signatures for contracts and other HR-related documents against the chart of authority
  • Learning/Training Administration and Coordination: Provide ‘on the ground’ support for training delivered locally, in cooperation with Coca-Cola University/Talent & Development Manager (distribution of training materials, ensuring correct set-up of the venue, ordering catering and providing local assistance to the training facilitators, PO creation).
  • Mobility Administration: Provide support to the in-bound assignees with locally required documents (such as visa or work permit) and forms in cooperation with the Mobility team and the vendor.
  • Total Rewards On-site Coordination: Provide support to the Total Rewards team in any related local activities, to make sure that the benefits programs are managed and maintained according to the plans. Provide administration support for leave management and service awards process.
  • On-boarding: Collect all necessary documents from new hires and make sure the documents have been filled in and signed as required by the local rules or legislation. Organize and deliver an on-boarding session for new hires regarding local rules, local benefits, HR support model etc.
  • Separations: Support local separations process for any required local activities in close cooperation with Separation Consultant, Employee Relations and other People Services functions. Oversee and ensure the separation checklists are gathered and sent to respective HR team.
  • Coordination of Temporary Staff: Provide administrative support and coordination of temporary staffing in close cooperation with external agencies and managers.
  • Support Local Initiatives: Provide support to locally driven initiatives and events

About You

Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources / Social Sciences or a related field or equivalent related work experience

Related Work Experience

  • HR Generalist background and/or experience in shared-services organization desirable
  • 2-3 years of experience in HR administration/generalist roles
  • Organized and logical and professional in communications with others
  • English (oral and written) communication fluency essential
  • Being a change agent – ability to live with and manage ambiguity
  • Curiosity and continuous learning and process improvement mindset and delivery
  • Continuous networking with colleagues and clients
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Experience in case management tools usage will be an advantage


Process Artisan – Mechanical

Key Duties & Responsibilities    

Operational Support

  • Provide support to the shift based teams during operations.
  • Attends SBT SBU meetings and ensures that the previous day’s actions have been actioned.
  • Assist shift based teams with situational problem solving.
  • Coach the shift based teams on machine operation, machine fault finding and correct responses to machine failure modes.

Planned Maintenance

  • Carry out work during the planned maintenance window in accordance with the planned maintenance schedule issued by the planner.
  • Where scheduled work cannot be completed, feed back to the maintenance planner for direction. This may involve rescheduling the work or prioritising outstanding work.
  • Assist fellow team members in the execution of their tasks during planned maintenance windows.

Routine Maintenance

  • Partake in cleaning, lubrication and inspection in accordance with the maintenance schedule issued by the maintenance planner.
  • Carry out routine maintenance activities in accordance with the maintenance schedule.
  • Where problems have been uncovered during routine maintenance, these must be resolved using the appropriate problem solving techniques.

Running Repairs

  • Carry out running repairs on plant and equipment.
  • When carrying out repairs, assess the problem and determine a course of action.
  • Where running repairs cannot be carried out, communicates this to the team leader and maintenance planner to ensure the work is planned into the next planned maintenance window.

Problem Solving

  • Apply the correct problem solving methodologies to resolve problems.
  • Assist and coach operators on situational problem solving.
  • Solicit support for problems solving or escalate to the team for direction.

Housekeeping and Safety

  • Work in a safe manner at all times, and to identify and highlight unsafe work practices so that these may be corrected.
  • Adhere to appropriate CCBA policies and procedures.
  • Carry out housekeeping tasks, and apply 5S principles during the execution of duties.

Support NPD implementation and trials

  • Support NPD trials to be able to run on assets.
  • Ensure adherence to NPD procedures.
  • Ensure all changes on assets are well documented as per the engineering change management business processes.

Training and Development

  • Train and coach operators on asset care and autonomous maintenance practices. • Where required sign off operators on autonomous maintenance tasks.
  • Development of operational and technical standards and work instructions.
  • Skills, Experience & Education


  • Minimum requirement Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or its equivalent


  • 3 years work  experience in FMCG
  • Equipment functionality and packaging process in process area.
  • Judgement and decision making.
  • Efficiently applies rigour and operating discipline to ensure decisions are made on a timely basis.
  • Applies a broad base of knowledge and experience to solve issues.
  • Current Artisans acting as relievers are encouraged to apply.


Business System Coordinator

Key Duties & Responsibilities
Systems compliance – KORE and Legal

  • Maintain an updated checklist to track compliance
  • Drive KORE, Legal and other systems’ compliance across all sections of the business as per the developed compliance checklist tracker
  • Maintain updated versions of KORE, Legal and other Business Standards

Systems and documents management

  • Drive review of existing SOPs in all departments as well as end user training on the new SOPs in line with KORE and other available requirements
  • Schedule and audit all departments in line with ISO 9001:2015 document management requirement
  • Ensure displayed Policies and work instructions at user points are up to date

Internal & External Audits

  • Develop an internal audit program and ensure that all scheduled audits are completed as per plan
  • Maintain an up to date Corrective action tracker for all audit findings resulting from all audits
  • Drive Certification as well as surveillance of all Business standards ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, GAO including budgeting
  • Maintain a robust and trained internal auditors team to execute scheduled audits
  • Maintain healthy system as per all KORE, EAS and ISO requirements

Management Review meetings

  • Develop and maintain management review meeting schedule and ensure all scheduled meetings are executed
  • Track all actions arising from management review meetings and follow up for their closure

Consumer complaints

  • Capture, Track and follow up of all received consumer complaints for closure as per our internal procedure
  • Ensure timely feedback to all received consumer complaints
  • Spearhead Consumer complaints root cause analysis and follow up for closure of all arising corrective actions

Site GMP and 5S

  • Drive Total site GMP and 5S compliance
  • Drive execution of all GMP Friday walk-about as scheduled
  • Timely sharing of all GMP and 5S findings with stakeholders for action
  • Follow up and ensure action closure within committed timelines
  • Maintain an up to date GMP and 5S tracker to trend performance by section
  • Share GMP and 5S scores and actions with all shop-floor personnel
  • Supervise Plant’s cleaners activity in regards to their compliance to the set cleaning procedure

GMP – Pest Control

  • Drive compliance of plant’s pest control program to KORE, EAS as well as FSSC guidelines
  • Ensure all pest control activities are executed as per the plant’s outlined guideline
  • Ensure all pest control infrastructure is well maintained and in expected condition Bait stations, Signage
  • Maintain pest activity trending and initiate appropriate corrective action

Skills, Experience & Education

  • Degree or Diploma in  Food Science & Technology,  analytical Chemistry or any other relevant Manufacturing or Industrial courses


  • Minimum 3 years in a similar or EOSH Coordinator or QC Team Leader and a minimum of 5 years in an FMCG, bottling or food processing plant


Distribution Driver Team Leader

Key Duties & Responsibilities    

  • People practices
  • Coach team members in the correct execution of their tasks operational and technical.
  • Check and ensure that team members monitor planned deliveries versus actual deliveries to obtain the desired customer service levels
  • Drives performance management practices e.g. Performance Management Way leading the development of team goals and carrying out team meetings and team goal review sessions.
  • Manage human resource availability and resource deployment
  • Distribution float handling
  • Departmental leave and off or night shift planning

To drive SC Ways initiatives on own shift

  • Communicates work practice deployment plans and ensures team buy-in
  • Ensures that team members implement and adhere to divisional standards
  • Conducts work practice maturity assessments and or line walkabouts for own shift to ensure that best practices are being applied correctly and are entrenched
  • Opportunities identified and implemented

Operating and Process Control

  • Ensuring that team members understand and adhere to the operational, quality and process standards, work instructions and maintenance schedules.
  • Review and sign off of distribution performance QCDSM and ensuring that all required administrative tasks in support of the distribution driver team are carried out.
  • Ensures all pre and post trip checks are conducted and problems identified and resolved
  • Ensures all trip de-briefing procedures are adhered to and that all KPI’s are being adhered to
  • Works closely with Planners and Expeditors to ensure perfect execution of the distribution plan.
  • Identify the need for updating of work instructions and ensure resources are made available to do the update work instructions
  • Track fuel usage or efficiencies and driver breakage allowance
  • Manage, monitor and process payments to casuals or truck helpers through MPESA bulk payments

Maintenance of trucks and related equipment

  • Check that the drivers and other team members, carry out required basic vehicle and equipment maintenance tasks and any required running repairs on the road in accordance with work instructions and maintenance requirements
  • Ensure that the mechanic carries out repairs on and before the shift and coaches the team members on autonomous maintenance activities and carries out work in support of the fleet maintenance specialists.
  • Participates in maintenance planning meetings to highlights maintenance problems requiring attention.
  • Payment posting for rentals through MIGO

Quality Control and Analysis

  • Ensure that the team members understand and adhere to quality standards


  • Communicate team goals and regularly review to ensure team alignment
  • Prepare for the daily shift meeting by reviewing past shift performance and identifying issues for team discussion.
  • Ensure that visual management boards are updated prior shift meetings
  • Lead the daily shift meeting, making use of a standard agenda, and ensuring that team members actively partake.
  • Conduct an end of shift meeting with the team to communicate production performance, problems, planned schedule and work assignments
  • Conduct a hand-over meeting with incoming shift team leader. Issues to be communicated include process performance, quality, production schedule, problems and issues.

Problem solving

  • Coach and support team members in using the correct problem solving techniques such as 5Why, quick fix, OPL’s etc. to solve situational problems.
  • Where problems have been escalated, decide on an appropriate course of action; e.g. calling in specialist resources.
  • Where problems have been resolved, verify that the problem has been eliminated and ensure that work instructions are updated
  • Escalate problems that could not be resolved at shift level to the Level 2 team distribution team

Continuous Improvement

  • Ensure that lost time reduction and process improvement goals are incorporated into team goals, and the team understands these goals.
  • Generation of the following reports: Fuel usage, casual costs, rentals and COE analysis
  • Ensure that improvement goals are tracked and displayed in meeting rooms

Skills, Experience & Education
Minimum requirement:       

  • Bachelor’s Degree in related field or equivalent qualification in Supply Chain.


  • 3 years Supervisory distribution or transport experience in a FMCG environment.


Packaging Engineer

Key Duties & Responsibilities    

  • Drive the deployment of the CCBSA Asset Management Strategy in the Plant
  • Provide technical leadership and support to plant Packaging Engineering teams in terms of asset management strategy.
  • Support the disciplined execution of standard work practices at plant level.
  • Ensure compliance to the Asset Care Philosophy and related Strategies.

Asset Care

  • Partake in the development of the asset care plan for the packaging plant, contributing suggestions and providing expert advice.
  • Implement the asset care plan for the Packaging plant, ensuring the Packaging Engineering team have the required competencies to execute the plan.
  • Ensure that asset care goals are incorporated into Packaging Engineering team and individual goals.

Plant Reliability

  • Responsible for the overall reliability and uptime of Packaging plant.
  • Lead the Packaging Engineering team in the provision of asset care and engineering support to the shift based production teams.
  • Support packaging performance improvement by conducting and leading performance optimisation initiatives.
  • Ensure that predictive maintenance techniques are implemented correctly.
  • Verify that the Packaging Engineering team are carrying out routine and planned maintenance, and validates quality of work.
  • Ensure compliance to maintenance planning and execution of maintenance outage.
  • Review the maintenance day execution scorecards of all the lines as compiled by each Planner and address abnormalities as appropriate.
  • Review plant reliability to ensure equipment is operating optimally and to identify problems or opportunities timeously.
  • Takes part in maintenance problem solving, and ensure that the Packaging Engineering team is applying the correct problem solving techniques.

Plant Optimisation

  • Take part in and or manage central office plant optimisation trials or projects, providing advice, assistance and guidance where required.
  • Evaluate impact of new plant and equipment, and sign off all plant modifications and changes.
  • Analyse plant performance data to identify opportunities for improvement to plant performance, and initiates opportunity evaluation.
  • Analyse plant failure modes and investigate causes for repeat failures to identify and correct root causes.
  • Take part in evaluating continuous improvement opportunities identified by the production teams or engineering support.
  • Ensure that continuous improvement is built into Packaging Engineering team goals, and forms part of regular goal review sessions.

Team Leadership and Management

  • Lead the Packaging Engineering team in a manner that engenders ownership, empowerment and team interaction.
  • Lead the development of Packaging Engineering team goals and ensure these are communicated and understood by team members.
  • Entrench a high performance culture by conducting regular Packaging Engineering team goal review sessions, one-on-one’s and performance reviews.
  • Ensure training need analysis are conducted and training plans developed for team members.
  • Ensure appropriate competencies are developed in the team, and ensure multi-skilling occurs within the Packaging and broader engineering team, this includes evaluation of workmanship of teams.
  • Manage Contracted-out maintenance services by ensuring that the service supplied is in strict accordance with supply scheme contract and that of service and product reliability, quality, cost and the service providers own employee behaviour is acceptable while on site.

Safety and Housekeeping

recting this.

  • Ensure that the Packaging Engineering team apply proper safety and housekeeping procedures, and adhere to all legal requirements when carrying out their tasks.
  • Ensure implementation of the appropriate CCBA and legislative policies such as OSH act on safety and housekeeping.
  • Ensure all statutory and mandatory checks are part of the asset care management system, are performed and all documentation completed and recorded.
  • Ensure that health, safety and housekeeping receive appropriate focus through regular checks and audits, with appropriate monthly, quarterly meetings.
  • Where unsafe work practices have been identified, the Packaging engineer is responsible for cor

Skills, Experience & Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering  Electrical and Electronics or Mechanical,  Mechatronics and Manufacturing Engineering or Automation and Instrumentation.


  • A successful track record in Packaging Unit Management,  Engineering and proficiency in Autocard, other Engineering modules, asset care and autonomous maintenance management, Supply chain ways implementation in asset care management and autonomous management.


SHEQ Manager

Key Duties & Responsibilities    

  • Understand Business Strategic Priorities and Business Processes
  • Monitor and report on SHEQ Goals and Objectives with Business Strategic Objectives
  • Report on KPI’s aligned with internal Management, CCBA and Coca Cola Requirements reporting systems to include all Quality, Safety, Environmental and Sustainability parameters such as water usage, energy usage, plant waste and recycling.
  • Ensure Corrective Action Plans are in place to correct and improve on KPI’s
  • Ensure Product and Package Quality meets legal, internal CCBA and Coca-Cola Requirements
  • Ensure that Product and Package Quality standards are monitored and controlled for Mineral Water plants according to legal, internal and Coca-Cola Requirements.
  • Ensure that ingredients and package quality is monitored and controlled to agreed standards for all internal products.
  • Ensure Good Laboratory Practices are implemented in Voltic Medie or Akwadum laboratory and that all consumables are managed and stocked accordingly.
  • Ensure that Laboratory Equipment is Serviced, Maintained, Calibrated and Verified as per agreed standards.
  • Ensure Process Capability programs are implemented, monitored and reviewed by all relevant QA, Engineering and Production departments on agreed frequencies.
  • Leads implementation of Quality at Source in the Voltic Medie or Akwadum plant and develop Quality Assurance functionality.

Manage Integrated SHEQ systems for the whole operation

  • Implement and maintain a documented management system that includes all Quality, Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety as well as Environmental requirements.
  • Ensure that all validation requirements for new processes and equipment are followed as per agreed protocols.
  • Support implementation of Supply Chain Way Systems and ensure that the SHEQ team is actively involved in the Safety, Quality and 5S pillars and Improvement projects as required.

Initiate and Facilitate Continuous Improvement for SHEQ and Sustainability

  • Ensure continuous improvement programs for Quality Process Capability is established.
  • Facilitate technical problem solving regarding quality issues
  • Ensure that Improvement processes are in place to improve water and energy usage as well as waste and recycling.

Manage Cost plans and Costs

  • Implement and manage the cost plans
  • Ensure that quotations are available in time to update Rolling Estimates for consumables
  • Ensure that all laboratory CAPEX requirements are communicated and planned for in the annual budget process according to the Standard lab list.

Manage Human Resources

  • Manage the development of staff competencies
  • Ensure a healthy ER climate
  • Attract, Recruit and retain talent
  • Manage own performance in a way that shapes a high performance, high engagement culture.
  • Manage performance of others in a way that shapes a high performance, high engagement culture.
  • Demonstrate behaviour which builds, maintains or enhances company reputation.

Deliver Excellence in Customer Service

  • Identify and communicate customer needs and expectations
  • Build effective relations with internal and external customers

Skills, Experience & Education

  • Minimum requirement: Bachelor degree or Higher National Diploma in Science BSc Completed the on-line Quality modules of KO SCMX Supply Chain Management Excellence program
  • Added advantage: Master degree in Science or Food sciences.


  • At least 3 to 6 years working experience in a relevant SHEQ role in the food industry
  • At least 3 years in a supervisory role


Stores Clerk

Key Duties & Responsibilities    
Accurate Issuing of Goods

  • To issue materials to the end-user in a timeously manner
  • To ensure documentation is accurately completed
  • To ensure correct quality and quantities issued to customer requirements
  • Physical Inventory Verification

To verify inventory records from time to time as requested by the Stores Controller

  • To perform recounts for count verification
  • Assist in investigations for stock discrepancies

Return of Stock

  • To verify the return of materials to stock, by ensuring the materials are safely protected and are still in the original condition

Receipt of materials

  • To ensure materials are delivered according to Company Specifications
  • To ensure supplier access to premises is restricted
  • To ensure the protection of materials until they reach their end destination
  • To ensure materials are correctly and accurately tracked between points of delivery

Return to Suppliers

  • To ensure materials are protected until they can be returned to the Supplier
  • To ensure materials for return are suitably quarantined to ensure they do not inadvertently enter the process

Stores Organisation

  • To ensure the stores layout is properly maintained in line with good housekeeping practices
  • To ensure materials are not left lying around unattended

Stock Protection

  • To ensure materials are issued and received according to FIFO First in First Out
  • To ensure that materials are stored and protected from sources of contamination
  • To ensure the physical storage locations are secure and controlled at all times

Accurate Binning and Labelling

  • To ensure all materials have a place and ensure that all materials are in their place
  • To ensure materials are correctly labelled according to prescribed standards
  • To ensure materials stored are in compliance with the material master specification

Adherence to Works Instruction

  • To ensure materials are controlled according to works instructions
  • To assist in the continuous improvement of works instructions
  • To actively participate in Works Instruction development

Enforce and maintain safe and secure working environment

  • To enforce and maintain safety and housekeeping standards as per OHS Act.
  • SHE standards and practices are enforced equally in respect of all team members
  • The working area conforms to SHE regulations OHS Act, work instruction, equipment specifications
  • Safety reports and checklist are updated as needed
  • Incident statistics and accident reports are accurate

Analyse and solved situational problems

  • To analyse and solve situational and operational problems so that production does not shutdown.
  • Team members are empowered, encouraged and supported to solve situational or operational problems
  • Situational or operational problems are solved immediately and problems and action plans are discussed with team members and relevant customers
  • Continuous and honest communication and feedback until the problem is solved

Skills, Experience & Education

  • Diploma in Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical, Instrumentation Engineering.
  • Diploma in Purchasing and Inventory Management or any other relevant inventory management course.


  • Minimum 2 years in an FMCG, bottling or food processing plant.


Quality Assurance Technician ( QAT)

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Align quality goals and objectives with business strategic priorities
  • Engage with Internal Customers to Develop Partnerships and Capability
  • Leads the implementation of Quality Control at Source and the development of the Quality Assurance function at Plant Level


  • Maintenance of the Quality system and ensure CCBA and TCCC standards are met.
  • Ensure Quality Governance, Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice standards are maintained in all facilities
  • Review and Interpretation of SPC data and ensuring that this knowledge is extended to the production lines
  • Monitor the implementation of the non-conformance program. Final decision on rejections lies with the QAT.
  • Ensure that the Sanitation Matrix is adhered to and ensure that data is reviewed by the QAQC.
  • Review all quality related Data review and ensure that daily data review routines are kept by QAQC’s and team leaders. Implement corrective action for data integrity issues.
  • Ensure that corrective action is taken by the relevant responsible individuals.
  • Ensure that all quality related packaging and ingredient problems are properly documented, reported to the suppliers via procurement and review corrective action plans presented by suppliers.
  • Review suitability of level 1 and level 2 Quality KPI’s for SC Ways teams.


  • Leads the CCBA QAQC function
  • Manage laboratory Equipment and Consumables
  • Ensure that SPC and Capability Surveys as well as Trade Quality and age surveys are done at required frequencies.
  • Oversee specialised testing e.g. Micro. Ensure that results are reviewed and assist production team leaders with trouble shooting and resolving of micro issues in the plant
  • Develops Quality Capability Skills, Competence and Succession.
  • Ensure that relevant reporting is done as per reporting schedules


  • Ensure that RCA processes relating to quality issues address the relevant root cause. Assist production teams with this process where required.
  • Review quality issue trends and ensure that the appropriate RCA process is followed where basic RCA processes does not address the issues.


  • Ensure compliance with safety, health and environmental policies and procedures and applicable
  • Contribute to the management of sustainable development issues to achieve key sustainable development targets


  • Ensure individual KPI’s are aligned to KPI’S of Country Management Team
  • People development
  • Performance management
  • On-going, informal performance monitoring, feedback and coaching provided daily or as required
  • Leave processes conducted according to policy
  • Ensure good employee relations

Skills, Experience & Education

  • Minimum requirement: Bachelors of Science or Biotechnology in Science or Technology.
  • Added advantage: MSc or MTech in Science or Technology.


  • Minimum 5 years in Food Processing Plant. Good process knowledge, preferably in a bottling environment.

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