KNEC Written Examinations For Grade 6 Learners Starts Officially Today

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KNEC Written Examinations For Grade 6 Learners Starts Officially Today,

KNEC Written Examinations For Grade 6 Learners Starts Officially Today

All the Grade 6 learners are set to start their national written tests on Monday.

It comes after Knec made availed the assessment materials on the portal for schools to download and ensure administration of the same

However, a number of some schools may start later depending on their preparations and readiness.

Equally, the dates for schools to download and upload the results stand.

As per to the KNEC directives on a circular , all schools have till 9th September to download and administer the written assessment tests.

In addition, after all the tests are done schools will also have till 16th September to upload the learners scores onto a Knec online portal.

As at now, all Grade 6 learners have already done their projects and practicals which are also part of this national assessment. Grade 6 practical activity was as follows:

In Art and Craft was about Making a marrionete as in Homes cience it was about Stewing tests.

Under music it was about Performing a folk song.

Under Science and Technology it was about Modeling a circulatory system.

Under PE it was about Front crawl in Swimming, Rope skipping and two handed catch in Handball.

All Schools are required to upload the project and practical work on the Knec portal by 16th September.

Grade 6 dashboard for subjects ready for download by schools

Under this summative assessment just like it will be in November, Knec will assess the thirteen subjects offered at Upper Primary level using five papers of multiple choice questions constituted as follows:


English Language;

Kiswahili / Kenyan Sign Language;

Integrated Science (combines 4 subjects):

Science and Technology;


Home Science;

Physical and Health Education.

Creative Arts and Social Studies (combines 4 subjects):

Social Studies;

Christian Religious Education/Islamic Religious Education/Hindu Religious Education;

Art and Craft;


These learners again will sit for their final exam in primary in November this year. The exam will be known as Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA).

All the Primary school results will be determined by the School Based Assessment (SBA), which is done every year in the upper primary classes and the five-subject summative national examination.

These learners will have a 60 per cent of the score coming from SBA spread over Grade Four, Five and Six and 40 per cent from the summative report.

The school-based evaluation are done in form of projects, practicals, portfolios and oral assessments to allow learners to demonstrate what they have learnt, these are executed by the classroom teachers guided by Knec.

The CBA Assessment dates table 1

CBA Assessment dates table 2

CBA Assessment dates table 3

The Grade 6 learners will study a number of subjects when they join junior secondary school in January next year.

All Grade 6 learners will join junior secondary in January after sitting their final KPSEA exams in primary school this year.

Note that the Junior secondary comprise of Grade 7, 8 and 9. Here are the compulsory and optional subjects in junior secondary.

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