Magoha Extends Time For Selecting Junior Secondary Schools

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Magoha Extends Time For Selecting Junior Secondary Schools,

Magoha Extends Time For Selecting Junior Secondary Schools

George Omore Magoha, the cabinet secretary for education, has offered a ten-day extension for grade six students to choose the junior secondary schools they want to attend.

Observing the ongoing construction at a few Kiambu County schools on Saturday, August 27, Magoha said that the new deadline is September 10. Prior to the extension, students had until August 30 to make their decision.

The Education Cabinet Secretary defended his choice, saying that the postponement was necessary due to the polls on August 9 and the later start of classes.

“We have done extremely well in registering our children in Grade Six in regards to selections. We have interfered with some dates which made the exercise to start late,” Magoha stated.

“We have also had hiccups and we will also have hiccups in some areas. So as the government, we have decided to extend the final school selection with 10 more days. By September 10, if your child has not selected a school, then it is up to you.”

The Ministry of Education states that students in grade six are expected to select 12 junior secondary schools.

According to the Ministry’s circular, pupils must choose between public, private, parochial, county, and regional schools.

Students were further directed by Magoha to choose two from each category for public, private, and regional schools.

“Parents will be expected to meet the student’s education in private school,” read the circular in part.

“The majority of the students in private schools who usually do very well will remain in their schools. Probably in the coming week, I shall pronounce myself on the number of primary schools that have converted and are ready.”

A list of schools in each category was made public by the government to make sure principals followed the deadlines.

To facilitate the transfer in accordance with the CBC rules, some students will reside in the current primary schools. To accommodate the children, the government is currently building schools all around the nation.

After taking the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) in November, pupils in grade six are anticipated to enroll in junior secondary schools in January 2023.

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