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More 60,000 JSS Teachers To Be Employed

More JSS Teachers To Be Employed. The kenyan government is in the process of transitioning from the old 8.4.4 system to the new competency based curriculum. The junior secondary pioneer class transitioned this year to secondary school.


However, there is a deficit for teachers as only one teacher was sent to almost every school in the country.


In order to better serve JSS students, Kahi Indimuli, the national chairman of the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA), has asked the government to hire 60,000 more teachers.


The national chair expressed concern that the teacher shortage will considerably impair the government’s aim to raise kids who can successfully transition to senior secondary schools.

Indimuli claims that the shortage of teacher placements has tainted the new curriculum and that quick action, including the appointment of more instructors, is required.

More JSS Teachers To Be Employed

He mentioned that in order to assist the creation of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), the government may work with graduates from other industries, such as the arts.


He asked that infrastructure be built in each school and that enough textbooks be purchased for students.


Usawa Agenda’s executive director, Dr. Emmanuel Manyasa, charged that the government made a mistake in providing Ksh40 billion to the Hustler Fund account rather than the education sector.


He contends that for the JSS curriculum to be successful, the government must sincerely present a thorough plan.


Dr. Manyasa commented that the administration had not informed the populace sufficiently about the new curriculum.


In order to improve the struggling education sector, he urged unions to lead the front in promoting policies.


Education specialist Kennedy Echesa expressed concern over the fact that the government employed instructors but neglected to pay them.


He urged the government to support JSS teachers so they can promote the new curriculum rather than punishing them for their low wages and hefty taxes.

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