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National Employment Authority Recruiting  Sales Executives

National Employment Authority Recruiting  Sales Executives,

National Employment Authority Recruiting  Sales Executives

Responsibilities Duties:

Our client is already in one of the leading supermarket chains in Kenya both in Nairobi and Mombasa. They are looking to expand their sales in both these regions by targeting Hotels and restaurants for their wide range of sauces schools and gyms for their energy drinks and juice products. They are currently seeking ambitious and highly-skilled sales and marketing Executives with a track record of exceptional, transformative sales practices.

In this role, you will increase productivity, and optimize our company’s market share. You will have tremendous opportunities to develop innovative policies and campaigns that shape the future of the company. Candidates for this role must be positive, creative, charismatic, knowledgeable, and exceptionally well-versed in the latest sales and marketing techniques as well as tried-and-true practices.

Sales and Marketing Executive’s Duties and Responsibilities ?

Oversee day-to-day sales, monitoring, and forecasting to better understand the market ? Continually assess our marketing techniques and their efficacy in affecting sales ? Stay up-to-date on current market trends ? Work collaboratively with management to assess current and futuristic projections ? Own ultimate responsibility for successfully meeting or exceeding sales goals ? Collaborate with the marketing team to creatively reach more potential customers ?

Take calculated risks to increase profitability and brand recognition ? Work in a hands-on fashion, to deliberately grow the sales of the company ? Set the precedent for excellence through leading by example ? Cultivate and deepen client relationships and partnerships that add value ? Follow up on leads and referrals from the managing director and ensure that closure of the same is achieved. ? Develop SMART personal targets that supersede the departmental targets.

Academic Qualifications/Professional Skills/Expertise:

Sales and Marketing Executive’s Requirements and Qualifications ?

At least a Diploma in Sales and Marketing or a related field ?

Must have worked under a performance contract with targets and commission structure. ?

3+ years’ experience in sales within the Kenyan context (applicants with a background and experience in food sauces and energy drinks sales will have an added advantage) ?

Aware of the latest market trends and shifts, as well as projections for the future ?

Evidence of ability to innovate and implement change successfully ?

Exceptional communication and presentation skills ?

Able to be persuasive and procure buy-in from upper management ?

Solid computer skills and awareness of web-based marketing and social media ?

Driven and committed to success while maintaining the integrity

Experience Length Required (Number of Years): 3

Advert Date:


Advert Closing Date:



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