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Research Assistants Jobs at 60 Decibels (Remote-Worldwide Applications)

Research Assistants Jobs at 60 Decibels (Remote-Worldwide Applications)

Research Assistants Jobs at 60 Decibels (Remote-Worldwide Applications)

Research Assistants Jobs at 60 Decibels (Remote-Worldwide Applications)

Research Assistants Jobs at 60 Decibels (Remote-Worldwide Applications)
Research Assistants Jobs at 60 Decibels (Remote-Worldwide Applications)

Research Assistant

Job Description

About 60 Decibels:

60 Decibels (60dB) is a global, tech-enabled impact measurement company that brings speed and repeatability to social impact measurement and customer insights. We provide genuine benchmarks of impact performance, enabling organizations to understand impact relative to peers and set performance targets.

Learn more on our website:

We collect this data through phone surveys conducted by our global research network: more than 900+ research Assistants across 75+ countries.

About the role:

Our Research Assistants are responsible for conducting phone surveys with customers and/or beneficiaries of our client’s products and services and entering this data into 60 Decibels’ remote platform. 60dB Research Assistants work in close partnership with our Project Teams to ensure we deliver high quality customer insights, all while making sure to abide by all data integrity and governance protocols

The 60dB Research Assistant (RA) position is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the application of remote survey practices or looking for a project-based, remote role.


  • You will:Participate in project onboarding calls with the 60dB team to acquire an understanding of specific project contexts before reaching out to respondents
  • Conduct phone surveys with customers and beneficiaries, ensuring that you are interviewing the correct respondents as listed on your contact sheets
  • Enter the data received from phone surveys into the 60dB platform (in English) accurately, completely, consistently, and reliably – this data must be entered in the exact way that the respondent says it, not paraphrased or summarized
  • Proactively communicate project progress updates and raise any queries or concerns with the 60dB team
  • Review quality check feedback that is reviewed by project teams twice a week and correct or resolve it within your project team’s agreed timeline, and provide status updates to project team
  • Ensure data privacy and integrity – adhere to 60dB procedures and avoid data falsification or recording inexistent/inaccurate data.


  • Strong organization and communication skills – proactively correspond with the 60 Decibels project teams via email and Slack.
  • Strong relationship building skills – you will be required to build trust with survey respondents when conducting phone surveys
  • Strong English communication skills; verbally and in writing – all communication with the 60dB team is in English. Other language requirements of the projects vary per country
  • Access to a laptop or computer, a stable phone, an internet connection, and somewhere quiet to work
  • Prior research, customer service and/or call center experience is preferredPrior social sector experience is a huge bonus

Recruitment Process:

Please submit your application using this webform. It should take you around 15 minutes to submit your application.

Shortlisted candidates are asked to complete a 4-hour training course to become a certified 60 Decibels Research Assistant. This process is mandatory and candidates are expected to complete the training within 5 days of receiving the training prompt email.

After completing the training, candidates are asked to fill in a Research Assistant Intake Form and are then onboarded onto projects and 60 Decibels tools. Additional details such as payrates are also provided during this stage.


We review applications on a rolling basis.

We try our best to respond to all applications but please be patient as we receive large numbers of applications. Please note that if we do not have an upcoming project in your country, it will take some time for us to respond to your application

Additional Information:

If you are selected to be added to our 60 Decibels Research Assistant Community, you will be eligible for short-term contracts based on 60 Decibels’ project pipeline, reliant on your availability.

Contracts are typically 4 weeks and intermittent throughout the year.

Depending on the specific project, payment for this position is based on hours of work or interviews completed – all tasks will be appropriately compensated.Location: This is a remote position, and we accept applications from all over the world – please be sure to indicate the country where you are based and list all the languages you are able to communicate in.


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