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SAP Young Professionals Program for Recent Graduates From Africa in 2023

SAP Young Professionals Program for Recent Graduates From Africa in 2023,

SAP Young Professionals Program for Recent Graduates From Africa in 2023

Unspecified deadline for applications | SAP Young Professionals Program for recent graduates from Africa in 2023.

The SAP Digital Skills Center offers a free program for young professionals called SAP Young Professionals. The two-month program’s goal is to provide recent graduates with the credentials and soft skills needed to launch a career as a SAP Associate Consultant. SAP will work closely with program graduates to connect them with a variety of possibilities with SAP clients and partners to work as a SAP Consultant after the training is complete.


Functional and technical roles might be distinguished in a SAP consultant’s job description.

In order to ensure that our clients’ investment in SAP software and consulting services will result in their business being run as efficiently as possible, the consultant will contribute to the blueprinting, design, implementation, operation, and upgrade phases of a S/4 HANA project. The consultant will also provide business process as well as functional expertise, and project guidance to our clients.

The Consultant is also in charge of increasing and creating referenceable consumers through their investigation, analysis, consulting, coaching, knowledge transfer, and relationship-building efforts, in addition to upholding a high level of customer satisfaction in each of their accounts.


    • Candidates must be able to legally work in Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, and Nigeria.

    • Candidates must be unemployed at the moment or working in a temporary or part-time position unrelated to their professional goals;
    • Candidates must have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher in business administration, engineering, or a similar discipline.

    • Candidates should have received their diplomas within the last three years, preferably with a GPA in the top quartile. Documentation of this may be required.
    • Candidates must be really interested in beginning a traveling SAP-related career;
    • Candidates should speak and write English with ease;

  • Beginning in early July 2023, the program will need full-time availability from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, for the training term. The program has a two-month duration.
  • This training will be conducted online in a virtual live classroom setting due to the spread of the coronavirus. Please make sure you have reliable internet access at home so you can take part in this program


    • Begin your path to becoming a SAP Consultant; gain associate-level SAP Certifications that are recognized throughout the world; learn from SAP professionals;
    • Learn about SAP Technologies through workshops and classroom settings;
    • Learn the soft skills you’ll need to succeed in your job applications;

  • Gain access to introductions to job openings within the SAP Ecosystem to assist in finding a career after the course. Please be aware that finishing this program does not guarantee you a job.

Potential Opportunities

For Additional Information

Visit the SAP Young Professionals Program 2023 Official Website.

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