Teacher Job Cover Letter

Teacher Job Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter for teacher’s job make a layout of what you have to describe in letter. Give a brief introduction about you, your education and experience which are relevant to the post. Also describe your acquisitions as it will also help the reader in selecting you for the interview.

Here is a sample teacher job cover letter:


Jacob Codie
#1, Third Avenue,
10th Street, Mt. Vernon,
New York


Mr. Robert Koch
Albert School,
100 Avenue D,
8th Street, Fort Lee,
New York

25th June, 2010

Dear Mr. Koch,

I found your advertisement in “Daily Times” dated 23rd June, 2010 for the position of Zoology Teacher and it sparked my interest. So I would like to request you to accept this letter and the enclosed resume as my application for the same.

I am a zoology post graduate from the University of Boston. I have also taken a bachelor’s degree in education. After the completion of my studies, I joined St. Marry’s Convent as a junior science teacher. I make sure that I will produce an energizing and creative learning environment that will bring out the best qualities in students. I have the required credentials, patients and positive attitude that is required for this post.

I hope my application will be considered and I am looking for a kind response.

Thank You,

James Codie

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