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TSC Teachers Automatic Promotion To Next Job Groups

Automatic TSC Teacher Promotions. In the recent past, there has been a public outcry from teachers across the country. The reason for the outcry is due to the fact that teachers have been stagnating in the same job grade for several years. In regards to that, the Teachers service commission is planning  to introduce automatic teacher promotion to the next job groups with increased better pay.


This is supposed to happen after a stipulated period of time in some job group. The aforementioned move is meant to highly motivate those in the teaching profession and develop greater passion for the career.


Teachers are responsible in developing the young minds . In addition, the young minds are the future of any nation. Therefore a win for teachers is a win for the nation as the young minds will be shaped and nurtured well.

Employment of teachers to JSS

The commission ,earlier this year resolved to employ a good number of teachers to junior secondary school. However, the move got some backlash from quite a number of people and organizations having teachers interests at heart. The standards applied in selecting instructors to junior secondary were not favorable, according to them.


Assessment procedure for promoting teachers has been questioned and put to task by The Kenya Women Teachers Association. The association has recommended a solution to this issue. ” Automatic promotion of teachers will act as a motivating factor for effective and excellent teaching”, The commission said.  A system was proposed to evaluate tutors on the number of years they have spent in the classroom, performance  and experience .

Automatic TSC Teacher Promotions

Such an approach will be highly welcomed by teachers as it wont be such tedious. Dedication and effort to their jobs ought to go hand in hand with the promotion process. Tangible rewards will be given to the dedicated teachers for their hard work and perseverance.


This move however faces a huge uphill task and opposition from educationists at career progression guidelines. They may term it as unreasonable as other teachers will not put effort as before as many work hard via TPADS and other curriculum assessment materials for promotion.


Therefore, the suggested teacher promotion criteria is still under discussion. However, the Teachers service commission has vowed to try hook and crook and ensure it sails through to end  teacher stagnation in the same job group.

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