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Updated UNDP Salary in Kenya

Updated UNDP Salary in Kenya,

The United Nations Development Program is one of the United Nations agencies.

UNDP seeks to provide developing countries with sustainable resources that help eradicate poverty and sustainability.

Kenya is among the over 170 countries that UNDP works in, thus employing Kenyan job seekers in different categories.

The UN jobs are well-known for their lucrativeness, with newly employed individuals making millions within a few years.

Additionally, one can retire early after making a fortune with the agency.

Educated Kenyans look forward to the UN vacancies to try their luck with life-changing job opportunities.

Knowing the demand for UN opportunities in the Kenyan job market, scammers use the chance to con unsuspecting and desperate job seekers who fall into their traps, thinking they are genuine UN sources.

They only realize they have been scammed long after the cons have taken off with their money.

It is, therefore, crucial to do due diligence in confirming that the UN job posts come from their official website, social media, or reliable job-posting sites.

So, how much does UNDP pay different professions?

This post focuses mainly on UNDP salaries, benefits, and allowances, so read on to find out how much you could earn working for the organization.

UNDP Salary Scale for Different Careers

Salaries for UNDP employees differ in different careers.

Experience is another contributor to salary disparity.

Even at entry-level, you are assured of earning a competitive salary.

Starting us off is the salary scale of the professional category at UNDP.

1.  Profession Category Salary at UNDP

Below are UNDP salary categories for the professional category:

Entry Level Professions

This level covers P1, P2, and P3 professionals.

The P1 level earns between Ksh 3.6 Million and Ksh 5 Million annually while the P2 level earns between Ksh. 4.6 million and Ksh. 6.2 Million annually and lastly, P3 has an annual salary between Ksh. 6 Million and 8 Million.

Middle-Level Professions

The middle career professions have P4 and P5 levels.

Employees in the P4 level earn a minimum yearly salary of ksh. 7 Million and a maximum of Ksh. 10 Million, while those in the P5 classification take home between Ksh. 8.5 million and ksh.11 Million.

Senior Level Professions

The senior level has the highest-paid professions, with most of them taking home millions of shillings yearly.

This level comprises directors, namely: D1 and D2.

The D1 category earns a yearly salary between Ksh. 10 Million and 12 Million.

The D2 level, on the other hand, earns between Ksh. 11 Million and Ksh. 13 Million per year.

2. General Service Employees Salary Scale

UNDP employees under this category fall between G1 and G7 experience levels.

G1 comprises recently recruited employees without experience, while G7 has the most experienced employees.

Experience or not, most employees in any of the seven levels earn millions each year.

Below is a breakdown of their estimated yearly earnings in Kenyan shillings:

  • G2 level comprises employees with over two years of working experience taking home between Ksh 791,000 and Ksh1,231,000 annually.
  • G4 level has employees with over four years of working experience earning between Ksh1,441,000 and Ksh2,243,000.
  • G6 level has employees with over six years of working experience taking home a yearly salary between Ksh2,217,000 and Ksh3,449,000.

3.  National Professional Category Salary Scale

Four employee groups are under the National Professional category: NO-A, NO-B, NO-C, and NO-D.

This category is advantageous but comes with more responsibilities.

Below is what the yearly pay of Kenyans working in this group looks like:

  • NO-B comprises employees with 2 or 3 years of working experience earning between Ksh6.5 million and Ksh10.7 million.
  • NO-D is a group of employees with seven years of working experience taking home between Ksh11 million and Ksh17.7 million.

UNDP Allowances and Benefits

Several allowances and benefits accompany the salaries at UNDP.

The allowance and benefits include:

  • Dependency: Employees with spouses earning a wage lower than the minimum salary at UNDP get a dependency allowance. The allowance also applies to employees with children below 18 years or 21 but in college/university.
  • Hardship: UNDP accords this allowance to Kenyan employees posted in marginalized areas or locations with harsh climatic conditions, poor infrastructure, and other deplorable conditions.
  • Paid holidays: UNDP employees have an 18 to 30 days-long paid holiday every year.
  • House allowance
  • Tax exemptions

Updated UNDP Salary in Kenya

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